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Changes to Blog!

Hi everyone.  I know I had mentioned this is recent posts, and I’m happy to say that this blog has officially moved! is where this blog will now be held! There will be no further blogs written here, but I invite … Continue reading

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How to Create Opportunities

AHHHHHHHH!!  Sometimes we look at others and think “man, I wish I had their job,” or “I wish I had that person as my girlfriend or boyfriend.”  But then we think, “there is no way I could do that or … Continue reading

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The Thinking Wavelength – Blog #50!

How do you know which jobs may be a good fit for you?  Check the video. The Thinking Wavelength.  Something very simple, but very powerful.  Where do you think you lie on the Thinking Wavelength?  If you don’t have any … Continue reading

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Creativity to Earn an Additional $2,000 per Weekend!

Hey all!  I just returned from a long weekend in Colorado where I had a blast.  The fresh air and mountains were a nice break from the midwest humidity.  It also gave me some time for reflection and thought, which is essential … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Comic Strip

This was the Dilbert comic last weekend.  ENJOY! Comic2 Hahaha, this gave me a good laugh.  How would your boss react if you asked to work from home 2 days per week?  Most employers don’t understand this idea of working … Continue reading

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What do you miss about College?

I hear a lot of my friends talking about the “good ol days” in college and why they miss it so much.  They think it would be a lot of fun to go back to grad school and further their … Continue reading

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The Power of going Barefoot

Some people find feet gross.  Some people like feet.  Some people like shoes.  I like being barefoot! Being barefoot is a feeling of freedom unlike any other.  If you like to run, you are faster when you are barefoot.  You … Continue reading

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