The Thinking Wavelength – Blog #50!

How do you know which jobs may be a good fit for you?  Check the video.

The Thinking Wavelength.  Something very simple, but very powerful.  Where do you think you lie on the Thinking Wavelength?  If you don’t have any idea, how do we find out?

There are a few ways. 

1.  Study Yourself – What do you naturally do?  Do you analyze all situations?  Do you tend to think about outcomes before they even happen?  Do you think artistically and abstract?  How comfortable are you putting ideas into action?

2.  Ask Friends and Family – If you are really struggling to know who you are, ask your friends and family.  You might be surprised with what they come up with.  Often times your closest friends and family will have a decent view of who you are, but only you know who you are at the core.

3.  Personality Tests – Take a DISC Profile.  They cost around $30 but the return to know yourself inside and out is well worth the $30 investment.  After finishing it, your actions will start to make sense to you.  DISC answers, why do I do the things I do?  Here is a link to a DISC Personality Profile.

Now What?

So you have a good idea of who you are.  Now what type of careers are going to be a good match?  If you are more detail oriented you should find a career that lets you analyze and and use this skill to the best of your ability.  Almost all Accounting, IT Professionals, and Engineers are going to be more detail oriented.  If you are more abstract and creative, design work, drawing, and creating may be more of your sweet spot.

Along with understanding your personality traits, we also need to combine your passions, interests, hobbies, and your life’s core purpose to find a suitable career.  By not combining these, you will likely have a tough time finding what it is that will really drive you in the workplace.

Think about your current situation, possibly where you work now.  Do you see evidence of detail oriented people – Those that can put ideas into action, but are not great at coming up with the initial idea?  Do you see creative people – Those that come up with ideas all the time, but aren’t great at implementing the idea into business?

A successful business will have people on both ends of the spectrum.  When you have dedicated individuals working toward a common purpose with the necessary traits, it becomes a very powerful asset!  If you are an entrepreneur working by yourself, get help in those areas that you are not good at.  It will be well worth your time to have someone with the skills to do what you need done rather than struggle through them yourself.

Dan 8/28/11 



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