Creativity to Earn an Additional $2,000 per Weekend!

Hey all!  I just returned from a long weekend in Colorado where I had a blast.  The fresh air and mountains were a nice break from the midwest humidity.  It also gave me some time for reflection and thought, which is essential for me.

I want to provide an update on this blog and what is upcoming.  I began blogging in February and this will be my 49th post (Almost to 50!).  In the next couple of weeks this blog will be transferred over to an actual website!  I’m working with a web designer to work out the details as of now, but be ready for that change!  This will give me the chance to connect with more people, and hopefully help more people in the long run, which is why I am here. 

Like I said at the beginning, I just returned from Colorado.  One of the things I did while I was out there was a Micro Brewery Tour in Downtown Denver.  What a great time!  Some great beer, and lots of people around with the Rockies playing a Saturday afternoon game.

Our host for the beer tour was Steve.  He took us to 4 breweries in downtown Denver, all within walking distance.  A great set-up to show people some different lager’s available, all brewed in the Rockies.  Here is my official scorecard from the Tour where I was able to track which beers I had enjoyed, and which ones were not my favorite.

The title of this post was about earning an extra $2,000 per weekend.  It’s got to be a lot of work right?  Well yes, initially, but that is exactly what our Micro Brew Tour guide is doing!  He has 4 tours each weekend.  The cost is $25 per person, with a limit of 20 people each tour (all tours fill up and often have a waiting list).  $25 x 20 people = $500 per tour.  $500 per tour x 4 tours per weekend = $2,000!!

Can you imagine?  Each tour is about 2.5 hours long, so for 10 hours of “work” each weekend he earns $2,000… a cool $200 per hour to talk about Denver beer history, and make sure everyone is trying as many different beers as possible.  That is creativity at its finest.  Our guide, who was 24, started doing this when he was 22.  He recognized a need within the community.  He marketed himself and set up deals with each brewery (they give him free beer for his customers, he ends each tour at a different brewery and most people hang around to eat or enjoy another pint).  It’s a win/win for him and the brewery’s.

So what do we do if we don’t live in Denver?

I will say, Denver is set up perfectly for something like this.  But let’s think creatively for a second, or a few minutes.  Are there things you could do in your town to earn a similar income?  I bet there is.  With passion, effective marketing, and a decent product or service I guarantee you can come up with something similar.  Could you rent out scooters, or paint pictures?  Could you re-finish doors, or develop your own line of coffee?

Think about what it is that gives you energy… what are you doing when time flies by?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Write some things down and then get creative.  Is there ways that you could create income while doing what you love?

Hard work pays off, but obviously from the example above, you don’t have to work 90 hours a week to make a good living.  You just need to be creative, recognize a need, market yourself, and have passion.  Make sure you’re having fun too!  If you’re not having fun pursuing something, that’s a good indicator that it may not be for you.

Have a great week, cheers!

O, and if you’re ever in Denver, check out the Micro Brew Tour at

Dan – 8/22/11


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