Lessons from a Comic Strip

This was the Dilbert comic last weekend.  ENJOY!


Hahaha, this gave me a good laugh.  How would your boss react if you asked to work from home 2 days per week?  Most employers don’t understand this idea of working from home.  So let me lay down a few facts about why working from home 1,2, 3, or more days per week is not only beneficial for the employee, but also the employer.

1.  Actual Work Time – This is the first thing I wanted to comment on because those employees that work from home work JUST AS MUCH as those who work from the office.  That’s right, even though they aren’t putting in face time, they also aren’t wasted time on meaningless activities.  Go ahead and walk around your office…. how many employees are checking up on Comics, (haha) or on Facebook?  While putting in face time seems natural and feels like your accomplishing something, it’s really not healthy in the work place. 

2.  Overall Well Being – Who is going to be more ready to work… the person who skipped breakfast, sat in rush hour traffic for an hour, slams a cup of coffee and plops down at her desk exhausted. Or… the person who didn’t have to do that, but instead woke up refreshed and cooked a good breakfast for themselves.  Hell, she probably already has 30 minutes of productive work time before the first person has even got to the office yet.  There is a lot to be said for a person’s well being at their job.  When you think about stress levels, health insurance costs, and keeping your best employees motivated in their line of work. 

3.  Employer/Employee Savings – That’s right, both the employer and employee save money when an employee works from home.  Think if you could actually build a business around having all employees work from home.  What would that look like?  You wouldn’t need an office, but you may need services like Skype Conference, and dial-in calls.  Big time savings.  And the employee saves money on gas to and from work, possibly pet sitting fees, the dreaded vending machine fees, and plenty others.

4.  The Next Generation Wants This – We want freedom from being tied down to one working location.  We want to dial-in from coffee shops.  We truly believe that work is only one part of what it takes to have a successful life – Our health, finances, social relationships, faith, family, and personal development are all integral parts of a successful life.

Let’s take a stab at being in the control group, with less control and more freedom.  If you’re unhappy sitting in an office cube all day, ask your boss if you can work from home 1 or 2 days per week, as a test.  If your boss has a problem with it, tell them you’ll provide daily progress updates to them.  That way they know you are getting work accomplished from home.  We should be paid for our results anyway, not face time in an office.

Dan – 8/17/11


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