What do you miss about College?

I hear a lot of my friends talking about the “good ol days” in college and why they miss it so much.  They think it would be a lot of fun to go back to grad school and further their education….Or do they?  What is it about college that you miss or will miss if you are still in school?

1.  Actually going to class and learning?

2.  Freedom and lifestyle?

3.  Having friends around constantly?

4.  Going to the local pub on Thursday nights?

I truly think a lot of people are going to back to grad school right now for the wrong reasons.  They are doing it because they don’t know what else to do and they hope a couple more years of classes are going to clear that up.  The truth is that your goals and ambitions are going to be changing constantly throughout your life.  What gave you energy when you were 18 will probably be a little different when you are 30.  But you also need to realize that while furthering your education is admirable, you need to be going for the right reasons! 

Back to the list above.  If you had to choose one of those, which would it be?  For me, I would say freedom and lifestyle is what I miss so much about college.  Going to class wasn’t something I necessarily enjoyed, but I usually forced myself to go.  

So while it would be fun to go back to college, I would probably go back because of the freedom and lifestyle that came with it, not for the school.  This is the WRONG reason.  What about exploring some other options:

  • How about instead of spending the 30K to go back to school, we spend our money on effective life experiences – those things that give us meaning and purpose in our lives.
  • Create the lifestyle and freedom that you had in college through doing things that you enjoy doing.  Start a business, or do odd jobs on the side to create income.
  • Do something remarkable and dedicate yourself to it.  Train for a marathon, learn to build websites, learn a new language, volunteer your time at something you enjoy doing, help someone else overcome adversity.

What do you miss from college?

Dan 8/14/11





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I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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