The Power of going Barefoot

Some people find feet gross.  Some people like feet.  Some people like shoes.  I like being barefoot!

Being barefoot is a feeling of freedom unlike any other.  If you like to run, you are faster when you are barefoot.  You have better balance when you are barefoot.  Being barefoot can also improve your posture, no joke!  It is said that cavemen had great posture and strong backs, most likely because they didn’t wear shoes.  We have shoes that embrace this now.. check them out here. 

Recently, partaking in a barefoot recreational activity, I thought to myself, there has to be a correlation between being barefoot and finding success.

I found it, and the answer is FREEDOM.

Freedom:  The ability to make choices, free will.

We all have freedom in our lives and I feel fortunate to live in the U.S. in which we are free to do what we want (for the most part).  Freedom is a powerful tool when you use it to your advantage.  I’m talking about making good choices in your life.  Good choices for your health, financially, socially, and career wise.

Nobody is forcing us to do anything.  The other great thing about freedom is having free will.  I was first introduced to the idea of free will when I was 19 while reading a book by Dr. Bob Rotella.  Dr. Bob is one of the best sports psychologists in the world and has worked with many professional athletes.  Free will refers to the fact that we have control of how we think.  We can choose to think whether we are happy in our lives or not.  We have control over how we view life situations. 

Things will happen in our lives that we don’t want to happen, and we have the free will to interpret these things however we want to.  On the contrary, great things will happen in our lives especially when we believe great things will happen. 

Go ahead and take control of your thoughts and freedom.  Embrace it, go barefoot for awhile.

To being free,

Dan 8/10/11



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2 Responses to The Power of going Barefoot

  1. I wear shoe so infrequently (the benefits of working from my backyard) tha , when I went on a date last night, I had a hard time finding them. And I’m saving money. 🙂

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