A Journey of Creating a Story Through Adversity

Hello all, welcome to hauslifecoach!  This is where I write about solutions, inspiration, thought provoking ideas, and exploration as a means to create success in your future!  Sorry if there are weird spam links showing up on my blog.  I’m working to get those fixed!

The title of this blog post is really why I write this blog.  The story of our life is told through the journey that we take, mostly through overcoming adversity.  I’m 26, and the story that I am creating is one of someone who did not know what they wanted to do after graduation from college.  I have always just taken the next thing that has came up, especially in my career!  Up until the last year, there was no real thought as to why I did what I did in my career, or what jobs are a good fit for me.

So that’s why I am here.  To help you gain clarity on your purpose in life!  I’m going to write some quotes that I recently read from a book titled In a Pit with a Lion, On a Snowy Day, By Mark Batterson.  After each quote I’m going to give you a little insight.


The outcome of your life will be determined by your outlook on life.  – First off, I love this quote.  If we are constantly in a negative mood, dwelling on the bad things, the outcome of our life will probably end similarly.  On the contrary, we can choose to view life positively and keep striving for more.  Sure, we will have bad days along the way.  But if every day was a good day, we wouldn’t know what a bad day was, right?  Try to think positively today about your life.  I think you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

Failure helps us appreciate success. – Losing sucks, let’s face it.  If you’re competitive at all, you know that losing is not fun.  Some of us are more inwardly competitive, some are more outwardly competitive, and some of us aren’t really that competitive at all.  We’ve all lost, which helps us appreciate when we win even that much more.  We’ve had adversity in our life, and times when things didn’t go our way.  What I’m suggesting is that you use the adversity to fuel success.

If you don’t turn adversity into ministry, then your pain remains your pain – This is the sole purpose of why I write here.  I feel like I have endured quite a bit in my life thus far.  Lot’s of adversity, lot’s of cool experiences, travel, thoughts and wild ambitions running through my head constantly.  I write because I don’t want life to remain my pain, or your pain.  Life shouldn’t be a pain, it is life!  It should be filled with exploration, fun activities, and doing what YOU WANT TO DO.  When we start doing those things, we gain clarity and life becomes an exciting adventure.  My friend and I were sitting down with his dad about a month ago talking about some things in our lives.  My friend’s dad said something that was so simple, but yet sometimes seems so hard to do.  It’s your life, do what you want with it. 

The more problems you have, the more potential you have to help people – Now I don’t think going out and looking for problems is a good idea, but this quote seems like it could have some merit.  For instance, why would someone want to learn how to quit smoking from someone who has never been through that same experience?  Why would you want help from someone on starting a business who does not own a business themselves?  Why would you want career advice from someone who has never thought twice about what they were doing in their career?

It makes sense.  I think on some level we all want to help others.  What are those things that you have had happen in your life, where you could then make a difference in someone elses life?  Helping others and seeing their success is where we find fulfillment.

Maybe the problem you never thought you could overcome will turn into a 500 LB. opportunity – This is the last quote, and it hinges on the previous quote.  Maybe you’ve had a tough experience that you’ve had to overcome and that is your opportunity to make a difference for others. 

Here’s a scenario.  A 30 year old smoker decides she is ready to quit.  She painstakingly quits off and on for 2 years before developing her own plan for success.  She is now 35 and has not had a cigarette for 3 years. 

This person not only endured adversity while quitting, but now has a story to help others.  She can use her story and success plan to create the same for others.  What a huge opportunity!

Now, if you’re ready…. here’s my scenario.  Presently: A 26 year old employee has held 5 job titles since finishing college 3 years and 3 months ago.  He likes change.  As a full time employee he likes his job, but he knows corporate America is not the right setting for him.  

Future:  He develops a plan (done) and begins to help others create a plan for success after college.  Through stories and examples he explores creative strategies to help others achieve more success in their lives than they ever thought possible. 

What are those adverse things that you have overcome in your life?  Could you see yourself helping others do the same?  Use adversity to fuel success. 


Dan – 8/7/11



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