What are you turning Pro in?

We are extremely fortunate here in Cedar Rapids, IA to have one of the best golfers in the world from our town, Zach Johnson.  On August 1st, Zach held a fundraiser at his home golf course here in Cedar Rapids to benefit the Zach Johnson Foundation which supports elementary school students in our area.  The cool thing about the fundraising event was that Zach brought a bunch of his friends from the PGA Tour to town for the event as well.  A lot of good Professional athletes came to Cedar Rapids, IA to take part in the fundraiser. 

Rickie Fowler and Davis Love applying sunscreen, it was hot!

 Rickie Fowler, Stuart Cink, Davis Love III, Jonathan Byrd, and Kyle Stanley all joined the fun from the PGA Tour.  Former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner was also taking part!

It’s not every day that we get to see these type of faces in Cedar Rapids, so this was a pretty cool event for everyone who witnessed!  Not to mention that the Foundation was able to raise over a Million in cash for local elementary school students!



Zach talks to the crowd while the others warm up

So while we had a bunch of well known professional athletes and superstars from around our area signing autographs and playing golf for charity, it got me thinking about everyone else there who was watching.  What are the rest of us going PRO in?  All of the professionals who were playing obviously had a dream to be pro in the sport they chose, but what about the rest of us?  Unfortunately we will not all be professional athletes, but what about professional artists, teachers, creators, planners, managers, doctors etc.

Just because we may choose to do something that will not bring us into the limelight like a professional athlete, doesn’t mean that we cannot be a PRO in our chosen line of work! 

We can all be PRO’S.  I challenge you to think of yourself as a PRO in whatever line of work you are doing.  It’s easy to become PRO in something that your passionate about, that aligns well with who you are and what you are naturally good at.  Whether that is cutting grass or open-heart surgery, we should do the absolute best we can. 

Let’s not give up on our dreams.  As I mentioned earlier, all of the professional athletes had a dream at one point to be who they are today.  Identify what it is that you want to do in your career and start taking the necessary steps to get there.  A little bit of movement can create a lot of clarity in becoming the PRO that you ought to be!

Dan 8/3/11










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