Traveling to Playa Del Carmen, MX

Things aren’t always as they seem.  My travel day yesterday, which had me orginally getting to Mexico at 12:30 PM, didn’t work out like I had hoped.  Some thunderstorm delays, equipment malfucntions on not 1, but 2 other planes, and I didn’t arrive in Mexico until almost 7 PM!

A long day, for sure.  My initial reaction was panic after I learned about our plane trouble and how I was going to lose most of my first day of vacation.  But amidst being stuck on the tarmac and numorous different planes for the day, I tried to focus on staying calm.  It wasn’t easy because I wanted to be here, in Mexico, on the beach or kayaking.

The plane’s engine problems and weather delays were out of my control.  So here is what I learned yesterday.  Don’t try to control things that you can’t control. 

When we try to control things or even people that we have no control over, this causes stress and frustration.  I could have went into panic mode like a bunch of the people on our plane, and I did for a bit.  But I quickly changed my thinking.  I thought about the worst possible outcome, and why in the big scheme of things this was a very small ordeal.

Constantly learning and trying to improve.  That’s what life is about.  Like the American Express commercial, “Never Settle.” 

Okay I know this was short and a little lackluster, but think about 2 things today in your life:

1.  Don’t try to control things that are out of your control

2.  Never Settle – Keep striving to be better and live and better life

Dan 7/25/11



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2 Responses to Traveling to Playa Del Carmen, MX

  1. Justin Lukasavige says:

    Super good advice, Dan. I need to be reminded of this constantly.

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