Case Study #1 – Launching Life

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I’m here to inspire through stories and examples, and to explore creative strategies to achieve success.  This is my first case study, done with my friend, Clint.  We talked for almost 40 minutes on the phone last week.  Here is his story, from background, to thoughts, to more thoughts, to launch.


Clint and I had worked together since October 2009, up until last month.  He had been at our company for about 18 months before I got there in October 2009, so he was at his 3 year mark.  The last 6 months he had been struggling a little bit with the direction that he was heading, and knew a change was going to be needed. 

The Thoughtful Launch

As he knew this change needed to be made, he kept at his job and kept thinking about what could be.  After 6 months of pondering his next move, he decided it was time to move…. From Cedar Rapids, IA to Tampa, FL! With a stop in Atlanta, GA for a couple days. 

So what inspired this launch?  He spent a lot of time in reflection and one of the things he drew from the reflection was “you’re doing exactly what society wants you to do.”  And he was.  He graduated college.  He got a job with benefits and a retirement plan.  A raise each year for working hard, and a promotion in his first 3 years.  Great right?  Isn’t this the American dream?  So many of us do this exact same thing… for what?  Does this bring happiness, success, meaning, or fulfillment?  Possibly, but not for Clint.

I was interested to know how the 2 weeks went right after he put in his two week notice with his boss in late April. 

“Week one I was scatter-brained,” he said.  He wasn’t sure what to think.  He had just given his notice and the realization that he would no longer be receiving a paycheck every two weeks kind of sunk in.  He had a wild ride of emotions going ranging from “how stupid” to “this is the most exciting this I have ever done!”  Nothing at work seemed to change.  He was still working hard, making sure everything was taken care of.

Week two started off tough, but became easier.  He started worrying about his personal life.  He was having more doubt as to his decision.  To make things worse, his boss at work offered him a sweeter deal to stay with the company (Almost inevitable when a successful young employee gives their two week notice).  He declined the offer, but he knew he needed to leave before more thoughts started to creep up.

We talked about his last couple of days at work.  He said the realization of him moving had sunk in, and he actually was more calm than he had been in months.  The weight of his pondering and thinking for the past 6 months had been lifted and he was actually doing this.  What a relief!

The Move

The move didn’t go as planned, of course!  He initially was moving to Atlanta, GA to live with a friend.  His friend in Atlanta learned that his company was transferring him to Kansas… after Clint had put in his two week notice with our company.  Rough start to a launch!  So Clint made other plans.  He had another friend who was moving to Tampa at about this same time, so he made a quick decision that Tampa would be his next destination.  Roller coaster of emotions?  I think so! 

Obstacles kept popping up in his way, but his determination won out.  He is now in Tampa.  He brought up a number of important topics in our talk that I want to touch on.

1.  Becoming a “Yes Man” – He said that this was one of deciding factors to move.  He was tired of saying no and doing the same thing everyday. He also wanted to see a new part of the country.  Yes, I’ll go do that, why not?

2.  Thought Process – A long thought out process of ideas culminated into a couple simples steps.  Quitting his job, making a plan, and moving.

3.  Reflection – Since he has been in Tampa, he has had a lot of time to reflect on his decision.  Post launch behavior is what I call this.  He has learned a lot about himself in a short amount of time.  Although he misses his friends and family, he is excited for the future.  That’s what this was all about… getting excited for the future again.

4.  Why not? – He also realizes that if he hadn’t done this, he would still be working for our company wondering “why did I not do this?”

5.  Being Different – We as people create remarkable life stories by doing things differently.  Clint wanted to do something different and go against the norm this time.  That’s how we become remarkable as humans.  By doing something different.

6.  Personal Exploration – Not only has Clint learned a lot about himself since doing this, but he’s exploring a new place.  He’s not living close to many people that he knows, and that’s exciting for him.

7.  Change in Mindset – Since his launch, he’s been thinking, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”  He’s starting over, exactly what he needed to do.  Life is short.  Why conform when there is so much more to life?  And so much more to explore and see?

NOW that he has landed in Tampa, he feels very good about what he is doing.  He’s had a few ups and downs along the way, but knows that friends and family are only a phone call away.  He says “being away from home is scary, starting over is fun.”  He’s also experienced a re-motivation in his life.  He was going through the motions while he was still in Cedar Rapids.  This move has re-energized him to the point that he is not going to allow himself to fail in anything that comes his way.

After a couple days of relaxation, as of last Tuesday he was already getting bored of that.  “How can I not do anything now that I am here?”  he says.  He’s motivated and wanting to find purposeful and meaningful work in his new home.  He’s been working out everyday and connecting with people.  He even set a short term monetary goal for himself to make sure he is on the right path to success.

Me, I couldn’t be happier for Clint.  He launched.  He recognized that a change needed to be made, and acted.  Although he moved on a limb, he is happy and has re-energized his life.  Sometimes that’s what we need.  Something to kick us in the ass and get us going.  For Clint, that was moving to a new place. 

What’s holding us back?

Dan 6/22/11


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