Finding Inspiration

EACH DAY it takes something for us to do what we do.  We have to get out of bed, we take a shower, we go to work and earn money, we cook meals.  We do what it takes to live our life.  Do you ever feel like you’ve lost a step?  Like you’ve been beaten up and are struggling with the everyday things in your life? 

I’ve felt this way.  It feels like there is a huge hole inside of you, and you don’t know how to make it go away.  One of the ways that I’ve found to deal with this is listening or reading inspirational material.  Sometimes it just takes a quote or a couple words to get yourself feeling good about YOU again.  But there are many ways to find inspiration and you should recognize when you feel inspired and driven.  When you find that inspiration, it’s most likely a sign that you need more of it in your life.

Finding the Drive

I took this picture on the right 4 days ago at my home golf course, Ellis Park.  I took this photo for a couple reasons.  One, I like to document things.  And two, I find inspiration from this photo.  Just being outside and on green grass inspires me and I feel very creative when I’m outside.  So if I’m feeling down and out for some reason, I know I can turn to the outdoors to find inspiration.

Where are you finding inspiration?  I would suggest reading magazines such as Success or Entreprenuer. For me, Outside magazine I find very inspirational.  There are inspirational podcasts and blogs all over the internet.  I try to listen to read at least one thing per day, if not more.

If you find something inspirational, don’t be afraid to write it down.  It’s easy to forget things or ideas.  Writing them down helps you remember and it becomes more ingrained in who you are.

Beat Ups

You’ve heard people say, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  It’s true, don’t sweat the beat ups in your life.  We all have them.  Some are worse than others but we don’t need to worry about those things very long.  We need to pick ourselves up and get inspired again!

Identify how and where you can find that inspiration to keep pressing forward in your life.  We aren’t about settling for mediocrity.  We want fulfilling and purpose filled lives.  Beat ups are going to happen along the way, and how you respond will ultimately determine how successful you are in your life.

Be inspired!

Dan 5/23/11


About danholterhaus

I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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