Finding Refreshment

Every so often we find ourselves in a small rut.  We are going through the motions, through everyday life the same, not challenging ourselves and not refreshing ourselves. 


I was walking through the store today, looking for some bottled water.  I had 3 options: Dasani, Aquafina, or the store brand.  It’s water, it doesn’t really matter, right?  I knew I needed water, and I needed something refreshing.

I started thinking about how refreshing water is.  Think about this, we shower in the morning with water, our coffee and other drinks are made mostly with water.  If you think about a relaxing place to be like the beach, or a trail near a creek or waterfall – water.

It’s everywhere, and its refreshing.  Water rejuvinates, and rehydrates us.  It was something small, but just the thought of buying water made me feel refreshed and ready to move forward. 

If you find yourself stuck and looking for some new energy, look for some water.  Whether that’s at the beach, near a river, or just drinking a gallon of it.  Water is simple and pure.  Find water, and you’ll find simplicity and purity in your life.

Dan 5/16/11

PS: I picked the Dasani, they were all the same price.


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