Osama bin Gone

Another post about a recent news story!  I think its important to look at the big picture of things when reading the paper, or watching the news programs on TV.  Some of the stories are ridiculous and have no point, while others are thought out and could impact your life.  I try to be selective in the news that I let get into my head.  The most recent story which is on the home page of every major search engine is about Osama bin Laden.


He’s dead.  Finally after almost 10 years US troops were able to take this man’s life.  The outrage of support for the troops I think is great.  However, we need to be careful about diving too much into this.  Ask yourself: How is this directly impacting my life?  Do I feel less threatened by terrorism now than 1 week ago?

If you answered “its not,” and “no” you are probably in the majority of people.  To me Osama has been dead for quite awhile.  I had almost forgot his name.  He was not someone that I believe was directly impacting my life, and now that he is dead, that just leaves someone new to be in charge of Al-Queda. 

The Point

Focus on things that are directly impacting your life, and things you have an interest in.  Don’t waste your time on pointless activities.  That is an easy way to be mediocre.  Spend 80% of your time focusing on the 20% of things that matter most to you.  Better yet, Tim Ferriss tells us to spend 95% of time focusing on the 2.5% of things that matter most.  That is a sure fire way to live a productive life.

Free Will

The great thing about life is that we have what Dr. Bob Rotella calls Free Will.  Free will is the idea that we have control over our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Nobody is deciding for you how you think and react. 

If you are unhappy where you are currently in your job, financially, or health wise, start thinking about and seeing yourself being successful.  Simply by thinking about it, you are taking the first step to doing it.  The next step is planning, and the last step is then doing.

1. Think

2. Plan

3. Do

This is how we execute almost everything in our lives.  You can apply this to almost anything.  Cooking dinner, going for a run, or reading a book.

Dan – 5/3/11


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I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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