Keeping a Positive Outlook


If you’ve been following the news over the past 24 hours, you’ve heard about the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama and surrounding states last night.  Hundreds are dead and many others have lost their homes, cars, and businesses.  My heart goes out to these people.  Check out this video and the massive tornado that tore through Tuscaloosa, AL last night.

Pretty intense, and I must say the guy taping this is a brave soul.  If you watch the video all the way through, you can see at the end some of the damage and really get a sense of how close this guy was.  Within a couple hundred yards.

My roommate from college happens to live in Tuscaloosa.  I was glad to hear his voice today when he called me back after trying to reach him for several hours.  This tornado had come within 50 yards of his apartment and flattened the building right next to his.  He is fortunate to be alive.  Unfortunately his car did not survive outside and will have to be replaced.

Staying Positive

How do we as people keep a positive outlook when things like this happen?  I noticed something as I was talking to my friend today.  He was obviously devastated by what had happened in Tuscaloosa, but he had an upbeat look on life.  He was positive, and managed to get some laughs in the conversation talking about other things besides the tornado.  He felt lucky and knows things could have been a lot worse. 

Sometimes we need a wake up call.  Maybe we’ve been beating ourselves up over small things or taking a negative approach to our daily lives.  Staying positive in bad times comes down to ATTITUDE.  Often times it’s not what happens to us that defines who we are, but  how we respond to and overcome adversity in our lives. 


Someone that lost a business or house yesterday from the tornado will need to grieve for a bit, that’s natural.  But how will they respond?  a negative attitude would say:  I lost my house, I have nothing left and nothing to show for what I’ve worked so hard for.  I’ll have to move away to ever be successful again.

A person with a positive outlook would say:  I lost my house, and I’m going to build a better house on my property.  I don’t need to move to a new town.  Everything I need to be successful is right here and I’m determined to be more successful and live a better life because of what happened.

See the difference here?  My friend that lost his car will have to get a new car, and he’s not allowed to go back into his apartment for a couple weeks while water and electricity are restored.  But he’s not down in the dumps.  He’s ready to move forward and is upbeat about life.

Concluding Thoughts

Try to see things in a positive way.  It will make life so much more enjoyable, even during the extremely tough times.  Doing this comes down to ATTITUDE.  Keep a positive outlook.  Give yourself a pat on the back when you deserve it and don’t beat yourself up.

Tuscaloosa is a great town.  I know it will recover and come back stronger than ever!

Dan 4/28/11


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