I Want Your Input

As someone who is always looking for new ways of doing things, I want to try something new on my blog.  Watch the video below to see what I want to do!

Thus far in my short blogging career, I’ve been writing about things that come to my mind.  I want to change this around.  I want to know what’s on your mind.  What’s your biggest pain or nagging question that you may have about job searching, starting a business, pursuing a “non traditional” lifestyle, finances, or health?

Your probably wondering: what makes you qualified to give advice on these subjects?  The answer is NOTHING.  I don’t have any certificate or MBA in any of this.  I have devoted my free time over the last 2 years to studying it, and that’s all.  So whether you read and take any of this in is completely up to you.

If you have any questions, or have a topic you would like me to write about, let me know.  Send me an email at danholterhaus@gmail.com

Is there a Prize?

Not at the moment, this isn’t a contest.  But hey, you never know.  This might be a good idea for the future…

Thanks to Clint for giving me a topic that will be my first experience with this.  I’ll be writing about his topic within the next week!

Dan 4/21/11


About danholterhaus

I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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