Operation “So What”

Is it possible to find inspiration from a song or movie?  Absolutely.  Here is our media outlet of topic today.

Haha I like this song.  Maybe it’s not the best interpretation of Operation “So What,” but the song does have a good title! 

Do you ever find yourself worrying about the “what if” or “how come?”  What if my car doesn’t start tomorrow and I can’t get to work?  Or, how come that person said those bad things about me?  You’re not alone if you think like this.  Operation “So What” is all about letting these things go. 

If you are someone who is constantly thinking like this, there is one thing that I have found that will immediately ease your pain.  Identify what is the worst possible outcome that could come from one of these things happening. 

So what if your car doesn’t start tomorrow morning?  What is the worst scenario?  You have to take the day off of work to get your car fixed.  It costs $500 and you don’t have that money and no credit card.  You have your car towed back to your place and have to get a ride everywhere you go until you save up some money.

Okay so this is pretty extreme right?  So what if it happened?  IT HAPPENED!  Nothing you can do to control this at this point.  By implementing a “So What” mentality, things that used to cause you stress will no longer seem that stressful. 

We get in trouble when we try to control scenarios.  By letting go and controlling only our “So What” mentality, we’ll find a lot more peace in our lives.

Dan  4/19/10


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