Knowledge is easy, Application is Tough

What do you Know?

Over the past 27 months I have taken in an insane amount of reading, podcasts, blogs, and inspiration regarding finding work you love, finance, health, living a “non-traditional” lifestyle, and ways to do something significant with your life.  You can ask me just about anything on these topics and I’m going to give you an answer that hopefully you can learn from.  During this time frame I have written all my ideas and thoughts down in a journal.  I now am on my 4th notebook of thoughts and ideas.

My first journal entry is from 1/20/2009 and it went like this:  I started by writing down everything I was eating, every day.  I was counting calories, and trying to build muscle and gain 10-15 pounds.  My goal was to take in 4,000 calories a day.  I did this for a couple weeks and stopped.  at 5 ft 11”, 170 pounds my body could not take this amount of calories everyday.  I was uncomfortable sleeping. 

I shared this because although I was able to apply this for awhile, I stopped.  And maybe I had good reason since I wasn’t feeling good.  The point is that following through on your ideas is tough.

All that I have written down in my journals is cool and great to look back on to see what was going through my head at that time.  What made keeping a journal so fun for me is that I have a passion and interest for everything that I write.  However, how many of my thoughts and ideas have I acted upon?  Roughly 10 to 20%.

This is why following through on ideas is so tough.  Applying them is where we get derailed.  It’s easy to think and gain the knowledge of how to get out of debt, how to eat healthy, or how to find a new job.  Do a google search for any of those and you will probably get over 1,000,000 hits on each.  In fact, i just googled “How to get out of debt.”  I got 159,000,000 hits!


Here are a few different ideas to start applying things you want to happen in your life. 

Get help from a coach 

This is probably the best way to go about making a lifestyle change.  Get help.  Build a support system that will help you along the way.  A good coach should help you follow through on your plans.  This usually costs money.  But try to find some creative ways to make it happen.  The hope is that going through coaching will lead to an outcome that was well worth the price that you paid for.  Personally I have worked with two coaches in the past year.  One as a life coach, and the other currently as a business coach.  So far this has cost me around $700 total, but will probably exceed $1,500 before it’s all done.  I’m making some deposits now, with the expectation of them paying off long term.

Just Start, create a plan

Simply start doing what it is that you want to happen.  First identify the outcome that you want to have, such as, getting out of debt.  Then create a plan of how this is going to happen.  Take a look at where you are spending too much money.  A lot of times saving $100 dollars a month or more is done by not eating out.  Create a budget for yourself.  Type “budgeting worksheet” in a google search.  It returns 1,110,000 results.

By just starting you will immediately start to feel a sense of relief.

The 8 foot rule

This is an interesting one.  Start talking to everyone that comes within 8 feet of you.  Just talk to them.  Ask them what they do, tell them what you do and what you want to accomplish.  I bet they either offer some advice, or know someone that might be able to help you out.  This is best done is a social setting where people are talking.  I have tried this a few times and loved it.  It’s interesting to find out what other people do and what they want to accomplish. 

Let’s end with some quotes:

Nothing great has been accomplished with application.

To do something different, you have to be willing to try things you have never tried before.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Let’s start applying things we want to happen in our lives for the rest of 2011!

Dan 4/15/11


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I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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