And the word is, YES!


A couple weeks ago the movie Yes Man, aired on TBS.  Jim Carrey leads as he goes from someone who has said NO to almost everything in his life, to someone who starts saying yes, to everything!  Watch the trailer for the movie here and see what kind of things he says YES to.

When Jim Carrey (Carl) started saying YES, great things in his life started happening.  Sometimes the things he said YES to didn’t seem smart or make sense, but they led to something good.  The YES man mentality let him meet a great girl, get a raise, save a man’s life, learn to fly, learn Korean, and become closer with his friends that he had ever been.

Throughout the movie I starting thinking about this question:  Does how much we say YES really impact our happiness, joy and fulfillment in our lives?  It’s hard to argue against it!  When we become exposed to more life experience, we begin to feel more meaning and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

Is it okay to say NO?

The answer is yes.  It’s knowing when to say NO.  Sometimes things don’t fit the lifestyle you are trying to live, and just don’t make sense.  It’s okay to say NO.  If you have to get up at 6AM for work, saying yes to staying out until 3AM is probably not a good idea.  Identify the lifestyle that you want to live, and start saying YES to things that will bring you closer to that lifestyle.

I recently asked a friend this question:  Why is saying YES so much more fun than saying NO?  Her response was: Life starts when you walk out the door, which usually requires saying YES.

I love that response.  If you are getting up each day and making the best out of what you have, you are saying YES.  Keep doing it!  If you are waking up each day thinking I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to do anything around the house, I don’t want to have to go talk with anybody, you are saying NO.

For the rest of 2011, I am going to work on saying YES more.  Here are some of the ways I am going to apply YES in my life.

  • Spending more time with friends and family      
  • Laughing
  • Learning
  • Helping others
  • Traveling
  • Exercise/Outdoor time


As I said, its okay to say NO.  Here are somethings I am saying NO to.

  • Being unproductive, wasting time on meaningless activities
  • Beating myself up over small life occurances
  • Judging others before getting to know them
  • Being indecisive

What are things you would be okay saying NO to?  Everyone wants to be more productive, get more done, or have more free time.  There are some simple things we can do in our daily routines that will bring more productivity and more fulfillment.  Below is a perfect example.



YES to Facebook?

Are you spending two hours per day on Facebook or other social media sites?  If you are, make it productive.  Leave comments and connect with people.  Don’t just be a stalker.  Say NO to stalking on Facebook.  Say YES to meeting new people and connecting with old friends.  You’ll notice that you’ll have a lot more people writing on your Wall and interested in what you are doing.

Write a Note on Facebook.  It’s similar to a blog and if you are someone who gets on Facebook every time you have a free moment, start writing about something.  Notes are an easy way to get out what’s on your mind.  This will also lead to more productivity and less stalking of others.

and the word is, YES!

Dan 4/12/11


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I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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