How to land your dream JOB

The Economy

Yes, I guess you could say the economy is tough right now.  Companies aren’t advertising for job openings like they were 10 years ago.  But is that really any reason to not pursue your dream job?  I don’t think so.  Let me give you a quick guide on how to land your dream job.


First you need to identify and know who you are as a person.  What would be a good fit for you?  What are you naturally skilled at?  What are you passionate about?

The easiest way to do this is to go through some self assessment. 

1.  Complete a Career and Personality Profile.  Here is a link to one for $30.

2.  Complete the book Strengthfinders 2.0.  Here is the link to Amazon.  Make sure to buy a new book as there is a CD inside the back cover that you must complete to identify what your strengths are.  Cost is about $13.

Look at this as an investment in yourself to find out what you are naturally gifted at.  Think about it, spend less than $50 to possibly make an extra 5 or 10 grand this year, maybe more.  Trust me, it’s well worth it. 

Doing these assessments will clear up some misconceptions you may have about who you are as a person.  They might also highlight some things that you already knew were true. 


Once we know how we are wired, and what our strengths are, we have a better idea of what careers will be a suitable fit.  However, if you don’t complete the Personality Profile and Strengthfinders assessment, you should move forward using these steps:

1. Identify 15 companies that you want to work for.  It does NOT matter if they have current postings for positions or not.  Just identify who you would want to work in your area of choice. 

Market yourself to them in this way:

A.  Introduction letter – describes you and what you could bring to the organization (based on your strengths, skills, and abilities).  Send as a letter in the mail to a person in charge of making a hiring decision.  Usually this is a VP or Manager.

B.  Resume/Cover Letter – 7 days after the introduction letter, send them your resume and cover letter.  This will describe where you are currently at and how this will translate to your dream job.  Send this as a letter in the mail to a person in charge of making a hiring decision.

C.  Follow up – 7 days later follow up with a phone call, not an email!  Try to talk to the person in charge of hiring, a VP or Manager. 

By following these steps, out of 15 companies identified, you should be able to land 3-5 interviews.  From here, you should be able to have at least 1 job offer, if not more. 

This is a selling process, just as if you were selling insurance to potential clients.  Make sure they hear your name 3 times, it improves your chances immensely.

Be Different, do a head stand

Most companies receive hundreds of resumes through email per year.  They want you to do this.  Then the company is in control of who they want to interview, which is not a good scenario for you.  If you look online for a job, a company will say “Please send your resume via email to to be considered for this opportunity.”  You really think that you are going to stand out amongst the hundreds of email resumes that HR personnel go through each year?  You need to market yourself.  Follow the 3 step process that I laid out above.  Send each note via snail mail and FedEx it to them in a fancy package.  So while 100 other people may apply for a position with an email, do a head stand and switch it up.  This will make you stand out!  It may take a little longer and cost you a little more money, but remember that a new opportunity should give you the chance to increase your income significantly.

Concluding Thoughts

When sending introduction letters out, send out no more than 15 at a time.  It becomes too hard to keep track of who, what, and which.  As in, who you are sending to, what you are sending to them, and which company you are pursuing.  Also, don’t send out 10 each week for 4 weeks.  You may then receive a job offer or two, before you have even interviewed for a position that you are most interested in.

Marketing yourself correctly is the most important part of getting an interview.  Understand your strengths and weaknesses and be clear in your introduction letter, cover letter, and resume about what you can bring to a potential company.

Companies do not hire based on resumes:

Contrary to popular belief, resumes do not get you hired.  Resumes usually get about a 10 second look.  A hiring manager is more concerned with who you are as a person, rather than every last detail that is posted in your resume.  Make sure your resume looks sharp, but don’t spend an inordinate amount of time perfecting it.  Spend more time identifying your passions, skills, abilities, and researching companies in your area.

Want additional information regarding your job search?  Feel free to send me an email – .  Or check out Dan Miller’s website.  Here is a link to job search strategies that are sure to help you land your dream job.

Be inspired!

Dan 4/4/11



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