Avoiding the Wheel Chair


Let’s talk about balancing life for a minute.  To have a grasp on life, we need to have a grasp on 3 important things.

1. Mind

2. Body

3. Spirit

You’ve heard these before and this is our foundation for balancing our lives.  When we think about MIND, this is the need to be learning and developing ourselves.  Are you reading inspirational material each day?  Are you learning more things as you grow older?  When we think about BODY, what kind of physical shape do you keep yourself in?  Are you healthy and able to push yourself through a workout?  SPIRITually we need to realize that our time here is a walk with God.  I’m not trying to go all religious on you here, but keeping faith is a must.  If you have been walking around with a heavy burden on your back, don’t be afraid to let God carry some of that weight.

This is how it Works

Once we start to see success in our MIND (personal development), BODY (physical fitness), and SPIRIT (faith), you’ll start noticing other areas of your life start to fall into place:






All of these are integral parts of our lives.  None is more important than any other.  When we aren’t meeting our needs in one of the areas, our life feels slightly out of balance.  I blog a lot about career because that’s what I like to talk about.  Today I’m going to write about BODY, as in, what can we do to get ourselves in shape and feeling good?

Personal Training

Now I know most people think personal training would involve getting one on one help to motivate you,  And that’s fine.  If you struggle with self motivation, then getting a personal trainer might be a pretty good move for you.  However, I’ll give you all the keys you need to keep yourself in good shape right here.


Do one of these, at least 3 times per week, for 30 minutes at the minimum.  I enjoy all of these activities but lately I’ve been walking a lot.  If you walk on a treadmill, set yourself on an incline, it helps build leg muscles.

Strength Training:

Lift some type of weight, at least 2 times per week, for 15 minutes at the minimum.  This doesn’t seem like that big of a commitment, and its not.  There are 7 areas that you need to focus your strength training on.

Shoulders, back, legs, chest, biceps, triceps, and core.  I recommend doing core exercises each day that you do strength training.  If we are lifting 2 times per week, day 1 should look like this:

Day 1:





Then, Day 2 should look like this:





Overall, I’m suggesting a total 2 hours of working out per week here.  Obviously, there is nothing wrong with doing more than that.  This should be the minimum.  If you don’t already, start making time for yourself to get fit.  Get up one hour earlier.  Cut your TV time from 3 to 2 hours per night.  Exercising is an integral part of our lives.

I hate the Gym

Good.  gym’s can be intimidating for people. I used to work at a fitness center and I’m still slightly intimidated.  They can also be expensive.  It’s tough to fork over your hard earned money on something that may not seem that important to you.  I discovered one of the best and cheapest ways to still get your exercise, from your HOME.

Let’s assume that you walk, run, bike, or swim outside so you don’t need a gym for that.  Here is what i suggest for home use.  Resistance Bands.  These cost me $15 at Walmart.  You can do any exercise that you want applying as much resistance as you want from your living room.  There is a ton of great tips on how to use these if you google “resistance band workout.”  Here is a link to one that I like.


This site is solely dedicated to different resistance band workouts and shows video of how to actually use the bands for each exerice.


Remember that we need to keep our MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT active to start seeing success in all areas of our life.  When we focus on our MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT, we start to see other parts of our life start to fall into place: relationships, family, financial, career.

What are you doing to stay physically active?  Are you exercising for 2 hours per week, at least?  If not, start making some time for it. 

Stay strong, you’ll appreciate it later in life.  You see a lot of elderly people hunched over, using canes, or in wheel chairs.  We become weaker as we get older.  Make a deal with yourself to maintain your current strength for the rest of your life and I guarantee you will avoid that wheel chair.

Dan 3/31/11


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