Does it matter what i do for a living?

Looking Back

About two years ago I was thinking to myself, does it really matter what I do in my career?  I tried to convince myself that it didn’t matter, and that I should just try to make more money and then I will be on the correct path.  So my steps were this:

1. Make more money

2. Make life fit

These are not the correct steps to take.  We should be striving to do just the opposite.

1. Make life fit

2. Make more money

It’s funny how this usually starts to work out.  When we start making our careers fit as one part of our lifestyle that we enjoy, we start increasing our income.  The notion that you have to work harder, or do something you don’t enjoy as much to make more money is bogus.

If you are lost in finding what you should be doing in your career, you probably have this look like Macaulay Culkin did in Home Alone.

Panic, fright, despair, uncertainty.  Then you have those “lizard brain” people or ideas (guys in background) in your head that are watching over you.  Telling you that you are safe and to listen to them and everything will be fine.

This is why it Matters

We need to work where we are strongest.  When we do things in our careers that don’t fit who we are as people, then we become lost.  Trying to do work that is not interesting or fulfilling to us becomes deadening.  We should be working where we are strongest 80% of the time.  That only leaves 20% of time to work on weaknesses.

No More Mondays

Dan Miller’s book No More Mondays outlines exactly why it does matter what we do in our careers.  He takes real world examples of people he has worked with and turned their passions into profitable work.  Here is a short video of Dan talking about his book.


Thinking Ahead

There is not a better time to start taking action on your dreams than right now.  To find or create work that is meaningful.  By working where we are strongest we have more passion and fun in what we do. 

Start noticing those times when you enjoy what you do.  Are you managing, leading, speaking, or interacting with others?  Are you working on cars, mowing grass, or playing basketball?  By noticing these things, this will give you a good idea of what you should be spending a majority of your time doing in your career.

Dan 3/27/11



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