How to take a Mini Retirement

Want my view on retirement?  Watch the video below.

For the last 2 weeks I have been on an experiment.  What I deemed a “mini retirement.”  During this time I took some vacation from work, but also worked remotely quite a bit. 

In all honesty, 2 weeks is really not enough time.  A month would be more sufficient for really getting away and enjoying life.

Will you Retire Someday? 

Most people plan to retire someday, I don’t.  The point of retirement for a majority of people is to stop working and then go do things that they really enjoy.  Retirement might include a lot of golf, travel, bowling, card playing, and TV watching.  Why don’t we just start doing these things in our 20’s?  It’s a lot easier to get around when you’re 25 rather than 75, trust me.

Yes, I plan on creating income for myself until I die.  However, I am going to be in various stages of “retirement” throughout my entire life.

How To

What are ways that we can get away for a mini retirement?  As I mentioned in the video, working remotely, or creating a business where you could be placed anywhere in the world and create income is ideal.  There is nothing wrong with vacation either, although vacations tend to be shorter and can sometimes be boring if you are not working on ANYTHING during this time.

If a mini retirement is in your future, start taking steps to do this.  Whether that is working remotely, or completly getting away from a current situation.  Be clear on who you are and what your skills, abilities and passions are.  For me, I feel confident that I could be placed anywhere and teach golf lessons as a way to create income for myself.

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Dan – 3/19/11


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