Finding your Calling

I know a lot of people who are struggling to find there calling in life.  Whether you are a college student trying to figure out what is the next step, or someone who is struggling to find the right fit, once you know your calling, you will have a much better sense of what you should be doing. 

The biggest problem I notice is that people believe their calling is ONE definite thing.  For example, someone will think their calling is to be a teacher.  That is not your calling, in fact, your calling is something much greater.  If you think your calling is to teach, ask yourself, what is it about being a teacher that enthuses you?  A high school teacher needs to enjoy helping youth and encouraging younger people to become successful.  The calling of a teacher might look something like this:  

Inspiring youth to achive higher success by guiding them in a positive direction.

This is how a calling is formed.  When you start to think about your calling, you should be able to identify 20 or 30 things that you could do that would fit your calling. 

With the calling listed above, this person could be a teacher, coach junior golf, hold driver’s ed classes, work with inner city youth groups, etc…

How do I find my calling?

You have to know yourself, to know your calling.  If you want to teach, you better enjoy helping others and providing inspiration.  You should have patience, and be a leader.

Identify 10 personality traits that you possess.  These are things you were born with.  Are you outgoing, or shy?  Do you take risks, or prefer safety?  Think about who you are as a person and write these out.

Next you need to identify what you are naturally talented at.  Are you good at problem solving?  Are you good at building relationships or thinking about the future?  Think about things that you do where you find time just flying by. 

By combining your personality traits and talents, you should be able to find your calling. 

Using my Calling at Work

Once you identify your calling, you’ll notice that you are a little clearer on how you should be using that at work.  You should also be using your skills and abilities in your line of work.  Identify what you are good at.  This could be planning, budgeting, communicating, speaking, writing, analyzing, developing, etc…

Lastly, find out what you are passionate about.  This could be anything that you enjoy.  TV, couches, weather, beer, hats, fundraising, food, cell phones. 


Use 3 things to find a job that should fit you.

1. CALLING (combine personality traits and talents)



None of these is any more important that the other, they are equal.  Once you identify these 3 things, finding work that fits you becomes easy, and fun.  Take some time and think about these.  Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect.  Identifying these takes time and can change over time. 

Dan 3/15/11


About danholterhaus

I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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