Adversity sucks, right?

Success in the affairs of life often serves to hide one’s abilities, whereas adversity frequently gives one an opportunity to discover them.

What adversity (problem/s) have you faced in your life recently?  How have you responded?  People respond two ways to adversity:

1)  They let problems affect all areas of their lives.  These are the people that complain about all the things going wrong in their lives, or in the world today.  A person with this view point is very familiar with the phrase “I CANT.”  This person is mad at the president right now because THEY don’t have a job.


2)  They stand up and overcome, keeping a positive attitude and not listening to the part of their brain that tells them to “pack it in.”  These people have a vision for how much better life will be after overcoming the adversity.  They create a plan and start working on their goals.

It’s pretty obvious which person you want to be when it comes to adversity.  If you’ve studied psychology, you’ve heard of the term “fight or flight response.”  This is exactly what we do, we fight, or we fly away.

Adversity Sucks?

Yes, adversity sucks.  It gets us out of our comfort zone and makes us do things that we normally wouldn’t do.  These things can often be uncomfortable for us and things that we just want to be done with.

Although adversity in our lives may suck from time to time, adversity is a necessary thing for us to grow as people.  Learn to see the good that can come from a tough situation and you’ll start seeing how you can use adversity to your advantage.

A Broken Arm

Fractures well cured make us more strong.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you brake your arm, you are undoubtedly facing some adversity.  It sucks, you just want your arm to get better and not have to wear a cast.  Most people might think something like this: 

Well with this bum arm I can’t exercise, I can only watch TV.  I can’t type or write very quick so I doubt if I can work.  I can’t help my spouse out around the house so she/he will be upset with me.

What a terrible way to view a situation like this, and I know there are people out there thinking this way!  You can see the I CANT statements.  How would you respond to adversity like this?

Adversity happens and learn to see the good that can come from it.  Give yourself some credit when you overcome something positively.  Use adversity to become a stronger person, not as an excuse.  Avoid I CANT statements and find creative solutions for solving life problems. 

Dan  3/9/11


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I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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