52 and 1/2 pairs of socks

How much “stuff” is too much “stuff?” 

About one month ago I went through my sock drawer and guess what I found?!  Yes – 52 and 1/2 pairs of socks.  This begged the question of why.  Why do I need so many pairs of socks?  The answer is that I don’t.  There is absolutely no reason for me to have that many pairs. 

There comes a time when we all need to “de-clutter” our lives.  Whether it is cleaning out a sock drawer, getting rid of old magazines, or tossing out things that we just don’t use anymore.  If you think life has become too complicated and stressful, then de-cluttering things that you don’t need will help you.

How to de-clutter

It’s tough to get rid of things, but the easiest way to do this is to make rounds, or trips.  Your first trip through your old stash of t-shirts you will probably find a couple that you are ready to part with, but this is not enough.  After a couple days you need to make another round, and keep going until you have de-cluttered your t-shirt drawer. 

I am currently down to 39 pairs of socks, which is still way too many.  It’s hard to get rid of things that are still in decent shape, but it is essential to live a more simple life.  I’ve made two trips through my socks and I would really like to get it under 20.  I’ll be making a couple more trips soon.

The Simple Life

I doubt if you will find anyone that wants a more complicated life, therefore we are all striving for simplicity.  Our culture today has surrounded us with so many things, that living simply just isn’t that easy.  Start thinking about what you could do in your life to make things easier on yourself. 

Do an 80/20 analysis, as in, what 20% of your life is causing 80% of your life cluttering?  Or at work, what 20% of your work life, is causing 80% of your stress?

Start living a more simple life to increase productivity and decrease stress.

Dan  3/4/11


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