Can you see the horizon?

See the top of this page?  The sun, setting over the edge of the Earth.  What does this signify to you?  To most it will seem that the day is done and this is the end.  And it is, but only for that day.  The exciting part is that the sun will come up again tomorrow, and tomorrow will bring new life!

Sometimes we need this refreshment in our lives.  We need to be done with today, and look forward to what we are going to do tomorrow.  Don’t dwell on what happened yesterday, look forward to the new challenges that life will bring today.

There is nothing we can do to change what has happened in the past, but we can affect what we do today to help us see success in the future.  I challenge you to start living your life this way.

1. Quit thinking about what you could have done in the past.

2. Go to bed each night thinking about how many great things you accomplished that day, and how many more great things you will accomplish tomorrow.

3. Wake up thinking about how you will positively impact the world today.

Do these things everyday, and you will start to see over the horizon and begin to see success in all areas of your life.

Dan – 2/16/11


About danholterhaus

I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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