For the First Time

I like listening to music.  All sorts of music ranging from country to rap.  What draws me to a particular song is not usually the words, but the beats and rythyms.  I’ve came across a new song performed by The Script that has brought special meaning, hopefully to a lot of people out there.  Its called “For the First Time.”  – Watch the video here

The song is actually a love song, but I find deeper meaning.  The song talks about how times are hard, things aren’t going how we planned in life.  I think as life goes along we find out that most things do not turn out exactly how we want them.  We don’t have kids when we really want, we don’t find our dream job right out of college, we aren’t in as good of shape as we want to be. 

The main line of the song goes like this:  And we just now got the feeling that we’re needed, For the First Time.

Maybe you’ve been sleep walking so far in your journey through life.  Your not meeting your expectations of yourself, and you’ve been beat up by negativity.  This song is a wake up call.  WE ARE NEEDED!  We are supposed to do significant things with our lives that make an impact.  Justin Lukasavige said “Do not mow lawns in your sleep, do something significant!”  If you are going to mow lawns, do it with excellence.

Maybe you are just waking up and finding your passions.  Do them and don’t stop doing them!  Nobody is in charge of making you do the things you want except for yourself.  We are all needed, and its time to wake up!




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