Who are you working for?

I find that many people are confused.  Confused about finances, confused about life, confused about work.  You are not alone if you are confused.  In a way, we are all a little confused.  Maybe a better word is “unsure”.  We are unsure about the future.  We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, and thats why life is so great!  If your like me, the future is what excites us.  

I want you to think about who you work for.  Most people when asked who they work for will respond with “I work for XYZ Company.”  Is that really true?  What if your boss walks over to your desk tomorrow and says that we’ve had to make some cutbacks this year, and you no longer work here.  Then, obviously, you don’t work for them any longer. 

I want you to rethink about who you work for.  You work for YOURSELF!  You are in business for YOURSELF.  The reason we go to work is to provide an income so we can live, for OURSELVES.  Give your business a name.  DanHolterhaus INC. for example.  The work you do at your job is a direct reflection of your business.

So while our paycheck may come from a company, you still work for yourself.  By changing your thinking, you will change how you think about your JOB.  You are providing value to a company with your work and thats why they give you a paycheck.

Dan – 2/8/11


About danholterhaus

I explore creative strategies to help others achieve success
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2 Responses to Who are you working for?

  1. Jarietha says:

    Love this outlook! 🙂

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